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Tug Models

The Port Ash Tug Model fleet consists of 8 remote controlled tug models.
The fleet also comprises one Manned Tug Model, which allows a single Tug Master to operate the model from a seated position on board.
The models range from 4 conventional twin screw, twin rudder/steering nozzle tug models, to 4 advanced ASD and ATD tug models.
The models are used for ship assist during on water exercises, and to demonstrate performance capabilities of conventional and ASD/ATD tug types.
The hazards associated with bow line towing , as well as direct and indirect towing can also be demonstrated and used during on water exercises with ship models.
All remote control tug models, and the Manned Tug Model, are generally operated by Port Ash staff, some of whom are retired or current serving tug masters.