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Azimuthing Pod Ship Model


Azimuthing Pod Ship Model

Vessel types simulated

Azipod                        Warship LSD            (Landing Ship Dock)

Azipod                        Passenger Ferry

Principal Particulars

Length:                      176 m LOA                            at scale 25:1

Beam:                        26 m                                     at scale 25:1

Maximum Draft          5.8 m                                    at scale 25:1

Main Propulsion:        2 x Azimuthing Pod aft 9000HP (6.7MW)

Steering:                    N/A (Azimuthing Pod)


Bow Thruster:           1 x 15 Tonne

Stern Thruster:          Nil

Anchor equipment:    2 fitted with 10 shackles of cable each